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Welcome to Spectra Baby USA’s Lactation Consultant scheduling page where we offer individualized Lactation Consulting for Spectra moms.  It is our mission to support and educate moms through their breastfeeding and pumping journeys.  You got this, and we’ve got you!

*The information provided to you by the Spectra Baby USA website, mobile device or “virtual LC” is for information and educational purposes only. The information provided on our website, mobile device or appointments made with our Virtual LC’s does not constitute medical advice or replace face to face medical care or lactation consultation. We encourage you to use our services in addition to regular communication with your or your baby’s healthcare provider. By scheduling an appointment with our Virtual LC, you agree and understand these terms.*

Meet The Lactation Team


Melissa Portunato is a Board Certified Lactation Consultant and holds a Master’s Degree in Health and Wellness, with a focus on Lactation Consulting. Her own breastfeeding struggles and misconceptions led her on a fascinating journey to fulfill her calling in becoming a professional clinician in the field of lactation. Melissa is passionate about normalizing breastfeeding one mom at a time.


Lizbeth ‘Liz’ Gonzalez is a highly skilled health care professional with over 20 years of experience in the mother-baby nourishment field. Liz became a certified IBCLC in 2010 and has since worked with hospitals, birthing centers, WIC, and health organizations all over the globe. Liz combines her personal experience of nursing her four children and her professional expertise as an IBCLC to promote, protect, and support all moms. Her goal is to help moms enjoy and embrace their breastfeeding journey.

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