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Simple Store Milk Collection

replacement bags with temperature sensor


200mL • 30ct

The Simple Store Milk Collection Replacement bags allow moms to pump, store and feed babies breastmilk all in one simple product! This NEW system is convenient for busy moms and prevents the exposure of germs and outside contaminants that are often present when transferring milk from one storage solution to the next. The Simple Store Milk Collection Kit includes a Bottle Connector and 10 Milk Collection Bags. The Bottle Connector easily connects to a Spectra flange when pumping, and seamlessly converts a wide nipple connector when choosing to feed directly from the bag. All Spectra Milk Collection Bags are double lined and provide a strong seal ensuring leak-free insulation moms can count on. Assembly is intuitive, clean, fast and easy—making it a must for mom and baby!

Item: MM011230

What’s included?

In the package:

  • 30 simple store milk collection 200mL replacement bags

Not in the package:

  • flange not included
  • cap and nipple not included


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strong seal for safe
easy storage


color changing
temperature sensor


versatile spout for
direct pumping or feeding

Direct pumping method


Direct feeding method

• disposable, no clean up
• designed for use with bottle connector
• made with BPA-free materials

Natural Nursing Badge

Made with Natural Nursing Technology

Unique and exclusive to Spectra Baby USA, all Natural Nursing Technology vacuum patterns closely mimic the experience of natural breastfeeding. Unlike other products, Spectra breast pumps use a gentle “suckling” pumping pattern that since 2011 has provided productive, comfortable, and successful pumping sessions that moms deserve and enjoy. This means more milk in less time.

What moms are saying about the NEW Simple Store Milk Bags

“This greatly reduces the risk of contamination and makes pumping, storing, and feeding infinitely more convenient!”

Jacquelyn OrdnerBSN, RN, IBCLC

“I’ve learned over the years that stocking up and always being prepared is the key to motherhood. I love the fact that these bags come in 30 packs. They’ve been such a life saver for me and my family. Thank you, Spectra!”

Katie Shapland

Mom Support