Spectra Synergy Gold

and CaraCups bundle


They’re finally here! Experience the NEW Spectra Synergy Gold dual powered electric breast pump and hands-free CaraCups milk collection inserts. These two innovative products are a game changer for nursing moms everywhere.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Synergy Gold dual-powered electric breast pump: Utilizing Spectra’s exclusive Natural Nursing Technology, the SG is the first breast pump of its kind that permits dual settings, allowing moms to control each side independently without compromising suction. This new patent-pending technology promotes more productive pumping sessions that save time with comfort and ease.
  • CaraCups: CaraCups are designed to make hands-free pumping safe, convenient, and easy. CaraCups are a true closed-system and compatible with all Spectra breast pumps. CaraCups are placed in the bra, allowing moms to express breast milk hands-free. Available in 24mm and 28mm.

24mm item# MM0114002225
28mm item# MM0114002238

Available for pre-order Black Friday November 27th, 2020.

What’s included?

Everything you need to single and double pump.

Synergy Gold dual powered electric breast pump

  • one (1) SG breast pump
  • two (2) tubing
  • two (2) bottles
  • two (2) duckbill valves
  • two (2) 24mm flanges
  • two (2) 28mm flanges
  • two (2) bottle caps, discs, and lids
  • two (2) backflow protectors
  • one (1) 12 volt power adapter

CaraCups wearable milk collection inserts. Select 24mm or 28mm flanges.

  • two (2) milk collection cups
  • two (2) valve connectors
  • two (2) 24mm or 28mm flanges
  • two (2) backflow membranes
  • two (2) backflow protector caps
  • two (2) silicone valves
  • two (2) breast pump bases
  • two (2) tubing adapter end tips
  • two (2) tubing


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